20 bizarre foods you must try before you die



There are some foods so bizarre, we’re not sure that you need to try them to get your certified culinary adventure card. Though we suggest you to try warthog anus, even though Anthony Bourdain said that it was the worst meal of his life, he claimed that anus was filled with sand, fecal matter, and dust, why bother?

As an alternative, try looking for some unusual foods that have been prepared a little more carefully. Sure, the fermented shark might rotten and taste terrible, but it’s a food that’s been neatly hunted, fermented, and dried, and enjoyed for hundreds of years, so why not try it?

Then there are the bizarre foods that might surprise you with their delectable flavor. Sweetbreads might sound strange (what the heck is a thymus gland?) but they’re considered a great delicacy, and the same can be said of cat poop coffee, made from coffee beans digested and excreted by civet cats.

These are the bizarre foods you need to try before you die.