Is vaping healthier than smoking?


So if you’re a traditional smoker, the carcinogens basically weaken the wall of your lung and cause lung cancer and the hot air and other chemicals involved cause you to have basically a non-functioning lung where you have lots of air and very thin lung tissue that doesn’t really work.

This is not the case from vaping at least from what we’ve seen in acute cases in young people.

What happens is that they get inflamation, just like when you cut a finger you get a little bit of blood and red around there.

The inside of their lungs essentially become red, inflamed.

And once it’s inflamed the lungs can’t really function like they’re supposed to to take in oxygen and blow out carbon dioxide.

They become non-functioning and you become short of breath and then we have to put you on a ventilator a breathing tube and a machine to help support your lungs and in some cases that’s not enough and we have to put on this version of cardio-pulmonary bypass or ECMO and we have to keep you on it to let your lungs get back and heal.

One of the good things that’s happened in the past two decades is that cigarette smoking has been on the decline.

People smoke less and we know smoking has all sorts of dangers.

That includes, not just getting lung cancer, but having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD which can lead to a life with living with oxygen, heart disease and other cancers, not just lung cancer because of the carcinogens that are involved.

This has been a great public health victory, getting people to stop smoking.

Do we really want to repeat what happened with big tobacco by having it happen with vaping companies? 

I don’t think so.

I think ya know we’ve made a lot of strides in getting people to stop smoking so we should do the same with trying to get people to not ever to use vaping.