Teens falling victim to the JUUL effect


unfortunately, there’s been a huge increase of Zhu Ling.

not just in the high schools, but down into the middle schools into young kids.

one of the things we see from the news stories coming out, is that these companies have been specifically targeting young kids. investing money in young kids, knowing that they can get them addicted something that is going to be a lifelong income flow for them.

 Right now, we were seeing a real drop-off in youth smoking but now we’re seeing an increase.

that increase with somebody was not using nicotine and now they are.

 and we know that for young people that use of the Joule predisposes you to cigarette smoking later on.

the nicotine is a the pesticide. It’s a pesticide that the tobacco plant uses to kill insects.

So what we do, is we take that pesticide it works through altering you’re nervous the system which is how it kills insects and we’ve used it refined it concentrated it and now we have a pure form of one of the most addictive substances known.

Sold is something that’s you know safer or sort of alternative smoking what it actually, it is a fantastic device for injecting your kid with an addictive a pesticide, that can set up a lifetime the habit of addiction.

there’s a wide the perception that somehow these are not dangerous or safer, and I just tell you the answer to that, they are not safe they addictive. 

the one critical step in our state Washington state we just passed a law to increase the purchase age for tobacco and cool products to 21.

so that is a huge and important step, theoretically, that will help to get it out of the high schools.