The best golf travel experiences of 2019.


Hi there I’m aimsley from golf and toys and welcome to 2019 we’re really excited about this year and where we know it’s going to be a fantastic year and we really hope that it will be for you to 2018 saw us traveling all around the world and All throughout Australia, with amazing groups of lady golfers, we had so much fun,
but 2019 is going to be even bigger and even better and we’re so excited about all the different places that we’re going to travel to in 2019, we’ll be taking ladies golf holidays to Maui in March Italy, in April Bali in July and Canada in August, but these are just our international tours for the year being blessed as we are with some of the most incredible landscapes and golf experiences right here in our own backyard. Golf and tours will also be running.

Some fantastic tours in Australia will be taking lady’s tours Bamberger Jones in Tasmania in February the Blue Mountains of New South Wales in May, and if all of that’s not enough, we’re further expanding our tour options for 2019, with a select number of tours, where our ladies Are welcome to invite their partners along to the tours in which partners will be welcome our to the Gold Coast in June Mauritius in September and Hong Kong and Mission Hills in November.

All these tours are up on our website now so jump on to find out more information and to download the itineraries. There’Ll also be lots of details in our newsletter, which comes out monthly. So if you haven’t signed up to that before, please do and we hope to see you on one of our two as soon