The Most Beautiful Wives of Professional Athletes


Some professional athletes are purely motivated by the love of the game, but many others are enticed by massive salaries and luxurious lifestyles, and it’s not a coincidence that many of these all-stars end up with supermodel wives and girlfriends.

Today, we’re looking at the hottest wives of professional athletes, Antonella Roku, so is the wife of all-star footballer Lionel Messi.

Not only is the 31-year-old, a bombshell she’s also Missy’s childhood sweetheart.
They grew up together in Missy’s hometown of Rosario Argentina Antonella was the cousin of Messi’s best friend and from the beginning, he was obsessed with her beauty and personality, notoriously shy as a child.

Messi didn’t have the fortitude to pursue Antonella in his formative years, but all that changed when he became a star athlete now. Messi is considered one of the most accomplished footballers in the world.

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